Mindful Eating to Slim Down and Control Your Weight

If what you eat is important, how you eat is equally important.  We often react to the relationship between our visual reactions and brain signals which activate our salivary glands.  Basic instinct sort of thing.  The problem with gut - no pun intended – reaction and eating mindlessly is that, chances are you will put on some weight, perhaps even a lot, unless you become more mindful about these instinctive reactions.

A cousin of mine would take forever chewing his food.  Once, long ago, I asked him why it took him so long to get through his plate.  “I enjoy it more and I lose weight at the same time” he used to say.  I thought that was odd, so many years ago.  Today, I fully realize the importance of what he used to say as he is fit and solid as a rock in his late sixties.


The moral of the story is: Take your time to chew. Slow down. 

As my wife says: “ Put your fork or spoon down between each bite”.  Take small bites and chew well, particularly if you are not vegan and are enjoying a piece of meat.  The risks of chocking are very real.  It happened to her when she was not yet vegetarian.

So, before you reach out for the coke in the refrigerator ask yourself if a glass of water would not be a healthier choice.  If you are like me and do not like to drink straight water, add a dash of lime or orange juice to it.

Slim Fast by slowing down!