Convenience stores going healthy

Breakfast doesn't have to be in the morning. Seek out a single-serving package of whole-grain cereal for a fiber fix, and pair it with skim or 1 percent milk for calcium, vitamin D and potassium. The combination makes for a healthy snack or light meal any time of day.

"Most Americans are not getting enough fiber in their diet,” Blake observes. “As you get older you need less calories to maintain your weight, so you really need to make sure every bite is giving you good nutrition and some high fiber."

I read this on a website and I agree I would add however that American eat too much sugar and there are absolutely NO sugar free items at convenience stores.  That's when HCS 'Healthy-Convenience-Snacks - come in.

We offer an array of healthy treats which are not only extremely tasty but are also sugar-free and vegan.

We know that is the trend for the next several years because as food manufacturers,  we've been watching food trends and food diet plans for 27 years.